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Service keeps getting weeker.

I have an iPhone 4 with really crappy service, it started out really good but over the past 4 days it has gotten to the point where i drop calls left and right in places i have never had a single problem, i also used to have steady 3G and now even that has gotten very spotty. i have tried *228 multiple times without any change. I live and mostly use my phone in Bradford PA. Anyone else having similar problems?

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Re: Service keeps getting weeker.

I have been having that problem, so have the rest of my family.  My daughter & I sent a plain text to her son & it finally went through an hour & half later.  The service has been very bad since summer.  I have 1 stinkin bar, dropped calls ALL the time.  My service is up in February, I may change to AT&T.  My brother & his family all have AT&T.  When he visits he has 4-5 bars & I have 1, plus they have more 4G while we have 3G.  I have called Verizon & complained several times, they sent me a text at 7 AM saying "they resolved my problem".  Needless to say, I STILL  ONLY HAVE 1 BAR!!!!!!!  Forgot to say, I stopped in Verizon store to ask them about a Samsung Gallaxy lll note & asked "what if I don't have service with that phone"  she said I could return it for a PRICE!!!!!