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Siri - won't make calls, texts

I have trouble with Siri lately - when I ask her to "call john" or "text john" she responds " I am not permitted to do that for you". Don't know where this came from or what to do about it. She will still look up things - gas stations, stores, web info, but call and texts are a no go. Anyone know how to resolve this issue?

Thank you! dk

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Re: Siri - won't make calls, texts
Customer Support

Great question!
If you have update to the NEW iOS6 and the FaceTime feature is switched "OFF" Siri will NOT make external calls and will say " I'm not permitted to do that" So all you have to do is switch the FaceTime feature "ON" and leave it like that for you to be able to give a voice command to it perform the task of making calls.

GoTo: Settings > General > Restrictions > Flip FaceTime to “ON/OFF

I'm sure this will help!

Tamara H.
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Re: Siri - won't make calls, texts

Sometimes the last thing we look for is what is right in front of us. Thank you for your assistance with this - problem solved. dk


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