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Sky dock for XM/Sirius- data plan damage?


I recent;y bought the SKYDOCK to use for my xm subscription on the Iphone4s. The email said it doesn't use your data plan- is this true? I am scared that it will!! When I downloaded the application it says it uses a huge amount of data. Please help settle my concerns- I just need to know if it will damage the data plan usage. thank you all for your input!

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Re: Sky dock for XM/Sirius- data plan damage?
Sr. Member

It might because isent it streaming the music to your phone.

Re: Sky dock for XM/Sirius- data plan damage?

You might want to check the FAQs for the dock that you purchased. If you are streaming from your iPhone and the dock is doing nothing more than keeping your iPhone charged then you are using your data plan UNLESS you are connected to a WIFI network while streaming. If the dock is what does the actual streaming and the iPhone is used as the receiver (versus you having a radio that the dock streams to) then you wouldn't be using your data plan. You need to get the full details about the dock and how it works from the manufacturer. Pretty sure you can find that info on the website

Re: Sky dock for XM/Sirius- data plan damage?
Customer Support

Great question windurmind! I'm not fully aware of SKYDOCK and how it works. However, after a little research I was able to determine to key pieces of information. If your unit is receiving a satellite signal you will not use any of your data allowance. This requires you to have a subscription with SiriusXM. Please select the link for more information abut SKYDOCK Have a great day!


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