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Some texts deliver hours later

I have an iPhone 4 and have recently been discovering that some of my texts aren't delivered to the recipient until hours after I sent it.  It seems to happen with a variety of service providers (I know of Verizon and Sprint for certain), as well as with different phones (iPhone, Blackberry, Droid).  Also, I'll be having a "conversation" with someone and everything is being delivered fine; then I find out later that a stray message just got delivered.  Does anyone have any idea about what the problem may be?  I would be happy to provide more details if necessary.  Thanks!

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Re: Some texts deliver hours later

As far as the stray message goes...if the person sending you messages happens to be sending long messages it's possible that you can get those out of order due to the length and how it ends up being broken up to go across the system. There is an apple article about that (if I come across it again I'll post it) although that isn't something that happens only with iPhones.

As far as your delayed messages...have you tried the usual suggestions? *228 option 2, resetting/restarting/restore? If you have then you might need to contact VZW to have them open a trouble ticket and/or do more trouble shooting

Re: Some texts deliver hours later
Verizon Employee

Hello kris1972,

It can affect both personal and business life if you are not receiving messages on time. I would love to help you, but I do need to ask a couple of questions.

  • Is this happening with all messages? 
  • Is it just SMS, MMS or iMessage(with other iPhones)?
  • Does your phone have the most updated software (5.0.1)?

Please try a reset of your phone and then monitor. Please then post back with the results.

Thank you for posting,

Christina B

VZW Support

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