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Suddenly dropping calls

How do I report trouble with dropped calls, spotty service?

Used to get perfect service here at home and suddenly in the last 1-2 weeks I cannot talk to anyone when I am at home, it braeks up and drops calls.

I have the old iphone 4. Had great service from November 2012 until just now. No case on the phone, has not been dropped or anything like that.

Is this a tower issue? If so, how do I contact someone about that? Or is it an issue with my phone.

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Re: Suddenly dropping calls

Same thing happening with me over the last few weeks.  I also cannot send texts with pictures.   The same thing is also happening with one of my neighbors who has an iphone5.   Is there any help with this.  I tried *228 and that did not work.  Is this a network overload issue?