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Switching from Droid to iPhone

Hi there,

I am considering switching from my Droid to an iPhone when I upgrade but would like advice about any differences that I should consider before doing so. I have read that the iPhone does not come with free navigation while the Droid comes with Google Maps that has a navigation feature for free and I use this very often. Also, I would like to know if my plan would change at all. I currently have unlimited text messaging with 450 minutes and unlimited data usage. Would I be required to switch to a tiered data plan if I switch? Finally, if I have an iPhone would I be required to use iTunes to purchase music downloaded to my phone? Right now I use Amazon and I really like that service. I am concerned because I thought Apple limited how many times you can download a music purchase and if you are buying a new phone every two years that would mean I would need to re-purchase the same music every so often. Is this correct? How does iTunes work with regards to that?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: Switching from Droid to iPhone
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

You would lose Google Maps as an app, but maybe there is an iPhone app the does the same thing. I do not know.

Your plan would not change.

As for iTunes for music, I would think you would,  but again, maybe there is an iPhone app that allows you to get and play other formats of music.

Re: Switching from Droid to iPhone
Sr. Leader

Actually the download changed. If you got the DRM version you are limited. If you have the plus version with the introduction of icloud you can download as many times as you want.

Re: Switching from Droid to iPhone

Insurance is about $5 more per month for an iPhone. Also, if the phone did end up getting stolen, wet, lost, or broken, the insurance deductible is higher as well. The iPhone doesn't offer Flash support, which many websites use to display video content. You cannot remove, replace, or upgrade the memory card either since it is pre-installed in the phone. IPhones are not anywhere near as customizable as Android phones either. Also, there is no 4G LTE iPhone currently in existence, and considering Apple just released the 4S (with minimal changes to the 4) in October, it's not likely to see a new version of the iPhone any time soon. There will not be nearly as many free apps on an iPhone either, and you need to maintain an iTunes account. In my opinion, iPhones are 'idiot proof' phones. If you don't feel comfortable having full access to the phone, which ultimately means you can cause yourself problems if you don't know what you're doing, get an iPhone. If you want customizability and more features, get an Android device.