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Text messages NOT being received be one person

My messages all of a sudden (on December 6th, 2014) I stopped being received by only ONE person in my contacts list (my most important and most frequently used contact).

I have HTC One, he has Metro PCS on Samsung Galaxy Lite. He was able to receive my messages up until I was forced to try out Verizon's visual voicemail app to check my voice messages. I tried multiple fixes from reading these forums with no luck.  I cleared the apps data and cache but I'm not able to disable or uninstall the Voicemail App so I am completely at a loss. He receives ALL text messages from everyone else except me. We were forced to use Facebook messenger to keep in contact and very unhappy about it. Please help.

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Re: Text messages NOT being received be one person

I am having the same problem. My wife has an iPhone 4s and I have an iPhone 5s, all of a sudden she stopped receiving texts from me. She can send me text which I receive with no problem. This is the only connection that is having a problem, my texts to her. All other texts go through she receives texts from everyone else. We too have been forced to use Facebook Messenger. Verizon support suggested that we may be blocked in our phones (not), or deleting and re adding each as new contacts (didn't work). Very unacceptable.