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There was a problem with your order please call?

My wife ordered a 4S 32GB black model and was putting me on her plan of currently 2 phones.  We ordered via the site about a week ago and got the message the phone would ship 11/30, added a data plan etc on a 3rd separate line.  Received an order confirmation, but couldnt use the 6-7 digit order number to check on it kept saying no order.  Today she checked and said she received soemthing from Verizon saying there was a problem with the order and to either call or email them.  She's at work til 4p EST time but was curious if anyone else got this and what it could cause this message?


On a separate note I have my own plan with a iPhone 4 that I was going to cancel and move to her plan porting my number but the order wouldnt permit a port of a verizion number.  I called and the rep swore there would be no cancellation fee (sounds fishy to me) but he had someone else look and they said there was no cancellation fee either.  I dont know if the order flow recorded that and they are question it or something else is going on.


Any ideas on why Verizon would have a problem with the order would be great!  Thanks!

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Re: There was a problem with your order please call?

As far as the porting of your line to your wife's might want to go in to a local store to handle that. I don't think it would be a port in the traditional sense...but a swap of responsibility...meaning your wife would take ownership of your line. I will have to do that soon for one of the lines under me so that the person using it can have it in their name. In that instance, there would not be any cancelation fees because the line isn't being canceled. The account ownership is just being taken over by someone else and they would take over the remainder of the contract.


As far as the issue with the order...if your wife makes you an authorized manager on the account you would be able to call in and discuss whatever is happening. The issue could be a number of things so it's hard to tell you what it could be. It's also possible that there isn't an issue at all and the problem is just that the system isn't recognizing the order number.