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Unable to text to Australia with intl plan!

I am trying to send texts to Australia. I have been able to receive texts but when sending it seems to go through but it's not received. The recipient is on Telestra. I have called Verizon to add the intl' plan, rebooted the phone, dialed *288 option 1 and still nothing. I have called support three times to get it resolved and nothing works! Anyone have any suggestions?

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Re: Unable to text to Australia with intl plan!
Customer Support

Hi Ashleymark!

I sure do have a suggestion for you! I use international messaging as well, so I understand how important it is to stay in touch with friends/family in another country. Here's a link to our international page to get the information: I also have the instructions to send a message to someone using Telestra. Just dial 011 61 the 9-digit number and the message should be received. Is this the dialing pattern you are using? I also wanted to ask, since your phone shows the message is sent, has the recipient of the message checked with their carrier to make sure they don't have a restriction on their line for international messaging? Please let me know any more details if you are still having issues, I'd love to help!

Christina B
VZW Support
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