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Upgrade for Verizon?

I have to say that I am extremely disappointed with Verizon at the moment. I have been a loyal customer for years and years, but it seems as if the only people who get benefits are Verizon's new customers. I have had my iPhone 4 for a good 14 months now and it is absolutely trash. It's slow, none of the buttons work, and it does not run the newest software correctly. It also has no sound. Now, I've kept my iPhone in an otterbox the whole time and it's still like this. Anyways, Ive done months of research only to see that im pretty much (removed) short of paying 600 bucks for a new phone. Which is outrageous. I was excited to see the Verizon Edge program, but that only works for people upgrading. I am very close to just terminating my contract and going to t-mobile. So, my question is. IS THERE ANYWAY I CAN UPGRADE!?

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Re: Upgrade for Verizon?
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I'm saddened to hear you are disappointed in us, especially after so many years. We definitely value your loyalty and want you to have a working phone. When new customers sing up for new service, they obtain the same discounted rate you would get when eligible to upgrade at discounted pricing as well as the same warranty. However, we want to help you and your phone get back to up and running. Please try taking the case off and test the buttons. It sounds as though you've taken very good care of the phone so we can review other options since the warranty is for one year from the manufacturer. Did you purchase insurance for it? Please, make sure your phone is backed up via iCloud or iTunes and do this reset-run as new device first and then you can restore from backup .

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