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Very disappointed today

I have been a longstanding Verizon customer and have been satisfied.  This past June I purhased an Apple iPhone 4 though Verizon and have been happy until today.  This week I noticed that my phone was not connecting to Wifi in areas that it had connected to before and I am being asked to "log-in" to Wifi each time I use my phone.  This morning when I picked up my phone to check it, the screen was black and so I pressed the round menu button.  Nothing happened.  I tried repeatedly to no avail. I asked my husband to call me from our home phone to see if my cell was working.  It rang but the screen remained black.  When arrived at work, I called Version customer service and spoke with a very nice young lady who walked me through the resetting procedure.  We spent about twenty minutes on the phone and had to reset a couple of times.  Finally the screen came on and I was able to see everything.  I thanked the service rep and we hung up.  Within a minute the screen went black again and I was in the same place I started.  I left work and went to the Verizon corporate store which is not close to my job.  Anyway, I checked in with the young lady in the store and advised her of my problem.  After a few minutes, the lady at the desk wrote down a phone # and told me to call it for customer service.  I reminded her that I had already called customer service and ended up with the same problem.  So she informed me that I would have to go to the Apple store for help.  Well, that is not an option today as there are no Apple stores anywhere near my job or home.  I contacted Apple by phone from my office.  After going through numerous prompts requiring me to enter my name, phone number, the serial number of the phone, etc., a young man answered the call at Apple.  He asked if I wanted to pay the required $19 service call before he could talk to me, or purchase a $69 "assistance package" to take care of service calls for a few months.  I told him that I did not expect to pay anything, as the phone was still under warranty since I have had it less than 6 months. He rudely told me that if I broke the phone, I would have to pay for the repair.  I told him I didn't break the phone, it just went off with a black screen.  He insisted that prior to speaking any longer with me, I would have to pay the charge of $19 or the $69 package.  When I tried to explain again that I had not broken the phone, and that it was less than 6 months old, he hung up on me. 

So I'm left hanging without resolution to my issue.  Very disappointed.

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Re: Very disappointed today
Sr. Member

You will need to take it to a Apple Store.  They will examine it and take care of it if there is a manufacturer's defect (which may be the case).

Go on to the Apple website to make an appointment so that your wait time will be less at the store.

Re: Very disappointed today
Customer Support

I'm sorry you had such terrible customer service nanatwin. This is not how we show our customers they can depend on us. Plus, I know dealing with a defective phone can be frustrating. We have lots of options for helping you with your issues. One road to take is by calling us again for trouble-shooting or the next step to reviewing your replacement options. The other step is to visit a corporate store in your area for a physical evaluation on the phone and next step for resolution. You can send us a private message with your name, mobile number, and contact number and we can call you to review your account. In the mean time, try charging phone with wall charger and USB. Is the phone damaged? If no damage and we cant get the phone to illuminate we will talk about replacing the phone. If the phone is damaged, we will review your account for insurance. I look forward to hearing from you. You can also call us from an alternate phone for the same steps.

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