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WPA2 woes

hi everyone, Im new here

I switched our router (Verizon FiOs Actiontec router) from WEP over to WPA2 and now I no longer can access email via wifi with the iPhone 4S.

Internet works great through wifi, just no email. I understand that this has to be a port issue on the phone.

I've already gone through this problem with Verizon's Fios support but they simply blamed the phone.

Additional note: a second iphone and an Android phone all have problems accessing email (all Yahoo email addresses). All these devices have NO problems accessing email if wifi is turned off.

So my question is this: what the H do I have to do to get iphone and android devices to access email via WPA2 wifi?

What are you guys doing for wifi security? WEP??


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Re: WPA2 woes

Try going through the following thread to see if any of the suggestions help. You might need to turn off MAC filtering but I'm honestly not sure. The thread is pretty long so you might need to look through the pages to see what might help...I think the link I am adding might take you to the 3rd be aware of that.