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Warning-moving from other Smartphone or pda, sync if possible to get all pda data transferred!

Just an alert to hopefully save others from what I experienced. I moved from a Windows mobile 6.5 phone (yipee) but I wasn't thinking straight about getting all my pda data over & neither were the Apple store people i trusted to know how to get it set up right, & maybe Verizon, not sure. They may try to just transfer contacts like you do with a basic cell phone.WRONG! Look into instead syncing it in if possible so all the pda info gets transferred--not just contacts without photos!


To me, set up if moving from another pda device, should include moving not just contacts, but all the info or as much as possible.


I have a MacBookPro computer which also has Bootcamp with Windows 7 & Outlook. I clearly told them that my data was in my old phone & in Outlook. Rather than thinking to sync the iPhone 4S with Outlook to get all the data in, with all its details, the set up guy just used a device from Verizon that is apparently the same thing they have been using with cell phones to transfer contacts.


HELLO! This is the end of 2011 & we are talking smart phones here with pda info, which presumably we all want transferred to our new devices.


Don't trust that Apple or maybe Verizon either if you go in to their stores, or maybe over the phone will understand those facts & advise, or use the easiest method to get it done.  I'm not a techie & my thinking was wrong about how to do this (influenced by previously transferring my contact to my Mac which the Windows mobile phone couldn't sync with).


So either figure it out yourself, or if you do ask for help, ask if you can sync the data in. Someone on a windows computer responded to my previous query about this, saying he synced with Windows & it even set up his email.  The apple store did it the hard way, taking a lot of my time & it got done wrong so I ended up--after realizing this, having to go back & find out how to do the sync by me specifically asking to do it that way & how to erase the wrong calendar so I wouldn't end up with more dups. For contacts, I guess I'll just go through & delete dups, since I do have 1 group on my Mac for email, that isn't in my contacts. Or maybe I can delete contacts & sync them in & then restore those from that group from my Time Machine backup.

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