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Wifi keeps dropping or not being found

Just switched to VZ and got smartphones, Apple i4s. 

I have been at home, work and my friends house with my new phone, connected to networks and then disconnected..

When I go to the Wifi setting, and search for networks, sometimes nothing shows up (the circle thing moves, then nothing is there, no networks)  Then I will try it again  over and over and it may or may not find the network.  (FYI)  I do have an itouch which always works fine and finds all the networks and connects automatically (home, work or friends). 

If it does find the network, it will connect.  Then the network will disappear and I will be on 3G.  I go into setting to search  networks and nothing is there and sometimes it will show the network. 

A friend said it is an ongoing with Verizon and mentioned something about  a booster.  I don't want to go buy something to 'boost' it.  My other friend has ATT and she doesn't have these issues.

Because I have not had it for even a week, I would like to know what I can do aside from switch service providers. 

I called customer service from my friends house while I was there (she lives a distance from me), to find out if it was something wrong that I have done, because her network did not show up.  It appeared and then as fast as it appeared, it disappeared, so I don't think it is because of where I live.  It does the same thing at home and at work.

I have used my itouch at all places many times before, with no problems.

I hope VZ is reading this and can give me some helpful information. 



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Re: Wifi keeps dropping or not being found
Customer Support

Odd2see, well this issue is certainly odd to see, but I want to make sure we get your iPhone all up and running. I've used several iPhones and haven't experienced this issue. Also, WiFi isn't related to the network, so you would not need a cell booster/network extender for this issue. If you haven't already, try deleting your paired connections and re-add. Another thing to try is to Reset your Network Settings by going to Settings, General, Reset, Reset Network Settings. If you're still having an issue after this, I suggest restoring the device as new via iTunes on your computer

Let me know if you continue to experience issues with WiFi.

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Re: Wifi keeps dropping or not being found

I just purchased a 4s phone and it keeps dropping my wifi at home.  The phone never reconnects to wifi unless I go into the settings and tell it to join the network.  The settings are also set to ask to join other networks but no notifications ever pop up.  I have thru work a 3gs on ATT and it has no issues with automatically joining and staying on my  home wifi.  Any suggestions???