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a couple of things going on

First I have been having an issue with having to touch the screen several times in order for it to do something.  And no this does not happen all the time.  Secondly, I was walking through the mall and had absolutely no service.  I know there are some stores that if I walk into the back I have maybe one bar but I was walking through the middle of the mall and I had no service until I got out side and I turned my phone off and did a "soft"reset.  Still had to signal. Thirdly, I have been receiving some of my voice mails two days later.  Not knowing people had left messages.  Lastly, why does it take facebook or any other website so long to load??

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Re: a couple of things going on

If the area you are in has a weak signal (yes, the middle of the mall can count...depends on the device and the area) then that could be part of your issue. Try the usual suggestion if you haven't already (*228 option 2) to see if that helps.


As far as your touch screen goes...if it is defective and the issue was not caused by something that would void the warranty then you can have it replaced under warranty. Just visit your local Apple store (if one is available) or VZW to have the techs take a look. You may want to try doing a restore (if you haven't already) to rule out anything else causing the issue other than just a defect in your touch screen.


Facebook (if using the App) may load slowly due to app issues. There was an FB app update released yesterday so if you haven't already go ahead and update it to see if that helps. Websites in general....if they are  loading slowly it is probably due to whatever data speed you are receiving in the area(s) you're having the issue. Do they load slowly when you use wifi?


Basically, you need to contact VZW about data issues if you feel like there is a problem. They would be the ones that need to check outages or network issues and resolve them.