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im buying a iphone off of craigslist and dont know how to activate it

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Re: activation
Sr. Member

Do you have an existing account? Do you know for fact it's a Verizon iPhone you can't use atat sprint etc? If you dont have an account you have to activate your own line of service when you get the phone and make sure they don't own money to Verizon check the Meid # so you don't get a bad phone you can't activate if its reported missing or anything. Some people buy those the they get burned because you have to do your research.

Re: activation
Sr. Member

I recommend that you have the seller meet you at a Verizon store.  Then at the store you can check/verify that the phone is the proper type (Verizon branded) and is clear to be activated BEFORE paying any money to the seller.  Of course, then you could also then get help in the actual activation from the store staff after the purchase is made.

Good luck.

Re: activation
Customer Support

Hello pinkyy93,
I hope your device is currently activated, if you still need assistance I would love to help!  If you are an existing customer & your new device is a 3G phone you can activate it by powering off your old device and from the new device dial *228 send and choose option 1 and follow the prompts.  If you have a 4G device please power off the old device and insert the sim in the new device to activate.  You can also activate the device online, by signing in your My Verizon account here > Under the My Verizon tap select activate or switch device. If you are a new customer and you have no account you can start service at a direct Verizon Wireless location or by calling 800-256-4646.  Gina7239 also mad a good point.  You can check the esn of the device to ensure it is eligible to activate here  If you need any further assistance please DM me your name and number.  Thank you!

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