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being charged by verizon .25/minute to use facetime

I recently purchased an Ipad 2 from verizon,the only costs that we were told about were the $30 per month  cost for the 3g  internet service.I just recieved my bill and come to find out that there is a $35 activation fee and if you use facetime to make a video call it costs .25 / minute which the people at the verizon store neglected to tell us about.i've already made a one hour call that come to $15.00 on my next bill.Can anyone tell me how i can make free video calls using facetime or someother site.i can't continue to rack up big bills using this 'SERVICE".


                                                           ANY HELP WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED

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Re: being charged by verizon .25/minute to use facetime

No idea why you would be charged per minute for facetime calls because no one does that to the best of my knowledge (Verizon, AT&T, nor Sprint). I may be wrong so if I am I apologize. As far as the iPad (you are posting in the wrong forum as this is the iPhone 4 forum, not iPad) if I'm not mistaken the way FaceTime works for it is the same as it would be for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices that can use it. You are not charged for making FaceTime calls. Not sure if you are maybe being charged for overage of some sort (for example...if you don't have a text messaging plan and you did any texting then you could have been charged for that...or maybe you're being charged for not having a voice plan yet using your iPad 2 to make some sort of voice calls. Not sure if VZW might somehow charge a fee for that with FaceTime use but never heard of that since you are making a video call using FaceTime, not a voice call...also assuming you are only contacting others with an iOS device, which would be the only way you could be using FaceTime). You need to contact VZW directly and really find out what is going on. Also, you being charged an activation fee is actually normal. The receipt you received from the store when you made your purchase would say this on it also. You can look at My Account on and see the documents associated with your account and your iPad 2 purchase including receipts and agreements. Sometimes, activation fees are waived when orders are placed online or if some sort of promotion is going on. Otherwise, all providers charge an activation fee unless they have a promotion waiving it.


You can always use Skype for video calls (if the app is available for the iPad 2. Go to their website to find out or check the App store to see if it is available).

Re: being charged by verizon .25/minute to use facetime
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it might be best if you post this in ipad forum or billing so someone familliar with the ipad2 and its service could answer your question because the iphone 4 only alows facetime on wifi not using vzw bandwith