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early termination fee. have to buy the phone?

i get the early termination fee but, i heard that you have to buy the phone if you terminate service  before your contract is up any truth to that.

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Re: early termination fee. have to buy the phone?
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No. If you don't want the termination fee you activate the line and can put a cheap phone on there. Or you can suspend it for so long untill you need it.

Re: early termination fee. have to buy the phone?

I think the only instance where that MAY occur is if you try canceling the account before the 14 day return period occurs (or within a very short timeframe of purchasing the phone). You may then be required to pay the full retail amount as some people may try using that method to obtain the phone and then sell it for close to full retail....then only having to pay the ETF...and possibly make some sort of profit. But in general...all you would pay is the ETF fee and any remaining bill balance you may have. Until that is paid you would not be able to do anything with the iPhone attached to the account (if you sold it but owed VZW money then the new buyer might not be able to activate it). You can always contact VZW directly to get an accurate answer to your question. As mentioned, you can put a different phone on the line if you don't want to pay the ETF....