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fraudulent international calls


Verizon should learn the fundamentals of customer service, such as the customer is always right and not accused them of lying (never said that but definitely implied it based on the numerous times I was told "well that's not what the customer service reps notes say here"... as if those notes are always so precise and accurate). Every time, I called Verizon, I told each representative please read your notes, because they don’t read them. My husband died last May, I was pregnant at the time of his death. My daughter is four months now. I don’t have time to be on the phone talking for hours to Verizon representatives explaining my situation.  Verizon has the worse organization system when it comes to customer services is TERRIBLE, only a few representatives were able to help me.


Beginning in March 13, 2015, I decided to make a phone called and my phone had no service. I called Verizon; a representative told me that my phone number was change. It happens five times in a period of three weeks.  My phone number was change a few times without my permission; my account began accumulating charges for calls to Cuba. I never received emails stating that there had been a change on my account.  One Verizon representative told they sent me a text, probably to one of the number my phone was change into.  I continue calling Verizon, they told me to change my passwords a few times and cancel my online MyVerizon account to prevent hacking into the account to make changes.


Days went by and the fraudulent international minutes starting to rack up.  Every time I called customer service, they would tell me, I had a large amount of international phone calls. The Hackers were opening landlines in Miami and calling to Cuba. Verizon don’t even bother to look where you are calling from or where do you live. I live in a small town in Texas. I am 1620.50 miles away from Miami. I am two hours away from the nearest Verizon store, I work and with 4 month baby a tight budget can’t just travel and visit the store. I am not superman in order to fly  to Miami for one evening or night and open a landline and come back to Texas call Verizon the next day or within hours and said, my phone is not working, have some common sense. 


I have spent approximately 15 hours spent on the phone with fraud, tech and customer support, wasting a day with my children and work on this problem, approximately $1500 bill for March and April combine. I was told that the fraud department is working on getting credit back all the fraudulent charges on the next bill, and I would like 4 months free service because of all the inconvenience I had to deal with. Every time I called someone in Verizon they would said let me “research” put me on hold for hours.  The fraud department never called back, I had to call them because they disconnected my services, and they still blame me for the charges. The last call I made they told me, I should not give my personal information to anyone in a rude tone. I told that representative did not give my information to anyone. Verizon needs to take responsibility their accounts are been hacked.   I also did my research came across the following articles, I hope Verizon representatives take time to read them. Also, I know more people who had the same experience with Verizon around this area.  I cried myself to sleep one night cause since; we had to change all of my passwords my late husband voice messages were deleted. I had being a loyal customer; I deserve very treatment and respect.

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A critical vulnerability discovered in Verizon's FiOS mobile application allowed an attacker to access the email account of any Verizon customer with relative ease, leaving almost five million user accounts of Verizon's FiOS application at risk.


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