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how much data gets used to upload an image?

my wife and I are going to Canada on vacation and are wondering how much data gets used to upload an image to Facebook or Instagram. we will have free wi-fi at our hotel and will try to use that as much as possible, but when we are out and about I'd like to know how much we will be using so I'll know how much we're going to be charged...

is there a way to see how much data a specific app uses on my bill?


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Re: how much data gets used to upload an image?
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

a very rough estimate? 1 pic (high quality) is about 2 mb's. you could upload about 10 per day for a week and you would use around 150mb's (and i believe i'm estimating on the high side). if you're concerned about your data limit there are a few things you can do. you can set the camera to a lower resolution, which creates a smaller file size for the picture (and lower quality). you could mms (text) the pics to your fb account (set your fb account up for this ability. i have done it before i had a smartphone and it worked well). these would be of the lowest quality because your phone will resize the file to text/pixt it. the advatage to this is that you can still take the pics in the highest quality, but then automatically resize them when you pixt them to fb. finally, as you mentioned, use wifi. however, unless you typically come very close to using your data limit, i wouldn't worry about it. shoot away and upload!!!!!

the real question is will it cost for international roaming while in canada?????? that could be a killer!!!!!!!!! you better check in to that.

Re: how much data gets used to upload an image?

In the Canadian Broadband and Canadian Enhanced Services Rate and Coverage

Areas, usage will be charged at a rate of $0.002 per KB or $2.05 per MB.

ummm leave the phone off unless its an emergency

Re: how much data gets used to upload an image?
Customer Support

I know how important it is to keep track of your data usage thejaycarlson! I have included a great link for your reference to help you estimate your data usage. In addition, I have included options for international data plans!

I trust this information was helpful.


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