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iPhone 4 Camera

I just got the iPhone 4 32 GB this past Saturday.  Everything is working pretty good except the camera.  Any pictures I take come out blurry.  I can't get the camer to focus.  The lens is not dirty or covered by anything, so could this just be a defect?  If I touch the reverse camera and then take a picture, it comes out pretty clear.  Weird.



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Re: iPhone 4 Camera

Depends on which camera you are referring to as the reverse. If you are using the front facing camera (the one with the camera screen facing you and you can take your own picture) then it is a poorer quality so the pics are not that great. If it's the rear camera, that is the one you would get the much clearer pics. If you are moving at all when taking your pics they might be blurry. It's possible you have a bad camera but it's also possible that it's user related (the blurring). I know you stated that the lens isn't covered by anything but just to make sure, you did remove the clear protective plastic from the back of the phone when you received it, right? Might seem like an odd question but it has happened to many people (not removing the front and/or back film). If you feel it is truly a big issue then take it to your local VZW or Apple store to have them check it out. If there is an issue they will replace your device if the problem is not related to damage. Also, since you just got it, you might want to consider exchanging your device for the 32 GB iPhone 4s. The camera is supposed to be better on that one so you might like it better.