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iPhone 4 text messaging

I would like for my iPhone 4 to go to the first name of a contact when I enter the first letter of their name as I compose a text message.  I have set the sort order and display order in my contacts to First, Last, but this will not work when a text message is composed.  Any suggestions?

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Re: iPhone 4 text messaging

It should do so after you type the first couple of letters. This happens for me with no problems...usually the first 2 or 3 letters will get me to the contact I want or a shortened list if the spelling of the first few letters of the name is the same for several contacts. I assume you are typing the contact name in the "To:" it should be working. My setup is settings is also display order: first, last while sort order is last, first. Perhaps try restarting your phone to see if it helps.