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iPhone 4S Reset/Erasure of All Data

I just upgraded to an iPhone 6 Plus after 3 years with the 4S.  To update and restore the items from my 4S I had to first turn off my 4S then setup & restore my data onto the iPhone 6 Plus.  It looks like I restored all items correctly, including my photos, contacts, apps, etc. so I now want to reset & erase my personal data from my iPhone 4S so I can donate or get credit for it.

I was surprised when I turned my 4S back on that it still had service (both 3G & wi-fi).  It also downloaded all emails that accumulated while my 4S was off.  Before I reset/erase my data from my 4S, I have a couple of questions:

  • Is it common to have service (3G & wi-fi) on my 6 Plus AND 4S?
  • Resetting & Erasing my 4S data will not affect my 6 Plus data will it?
  • After I delete/erase my 4S, will it also delete my phone number and essentially deactivate it?  (I want to make sure Verizon doesn't charge me anything to have both phones still active while I am trying to reset/erase my 4S data.

Can anyone help with my questions and provide any additional information in making sure my 4S is completely erased.


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Re: iPhone 4S Reset/Erasure of All Data
Customer Support

Here I am to save the day Atombrew! I can help ensure that your iPhone 4s is completely erased. First, I would suggest verifying that you are logged out of your Apple ID and iCloud account on the device in Settings. The next step would be to turn Find My iPhone off, as this is connected to your iCloud account. Werr these steps were taken before a factory reset?

Thank you…

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Re: iPhone 4S Reset/Erasure of All Data

I have not taken any steps to a race my iPhone 4S pending information from the "community".