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iPhone 4S SMS setup problems

Verison in it's typical wisdom, has not provided all the setup steps to ensure a successful setup.


In order to get SMS setup and working, perform these steps.


1. Ensure you are at the latest iOS version.  As of my posting this is iOS5.1.2

2. Dial *228 and select option 1.  This will program your phone. Once done, you phone will reset it self by searching for verizon and reestablishing connection.

3. Dial *228 and select option 2.  This will reset your phones verizon programs..  Same as #2 above, but different settings.

4. Power down your phone.  Wait 1-2 min.  longer is better.

5. restart your phone.


SMS should now be working.



VZ Contact Transfers


If you have backed up your contacts from a previous phone, such as myself when I backed up my contacts using Verizon backup assistant; there is a step where Verizon will send you an SMS Text message containing your access code.  If SMS is not working, you will not get this message and therefore you will not be able to sync your contacts.


Follow the above steps and SMS should be working.


I have validated this by setting up 3 phones and it works.  The first phone was my trial, the next 2 phones had the same issues, but the above steps made it all work.


Thanks Verizon for not actually testing your phones first.

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Re: phone 4S SMS setup problems

Thank you for posting this, my first fancy new Iphone could not receive or send text messages. I thought this was pretty disappointing because my very first nokia 10 years ago had no issues with text messages, but an I phone couldn't handle it? Pretty ridiculous considering how much I pay for the SMS service! I am trying out all these options, connected to wifi to update my phone, and turned off my phone for 5 minutes and still can not send text messages. Any Ideas?