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iPhone 4S battery issue

I have had my iPhone 4S for less than a year. Yesterday, I noticed that my battery was very quickly at 1%. I plugged it in to charge but after 3+ hours it was still saying 1%. I unplugged it and it powered off, showing the red battery charging. It would not turn on at all.  I left it to charge for over 18 hours when it finally came back on. The battery is still only showing 1%.  I have tried to reset the battery by pushing on/off button and home button at the same the. What is going on??? Suggestions on what to do or is wrong?

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Re: iPhone 4S battery issue

There is most likely a problem with the battery itself. As all rechargeable batteries eventually loose the power to hold a charge, so does yours and also as many people know, every once in a while, a battery will be a dud and hold very little "juice". I think you may have one of those dull batteries. Unfortunately, there's no real way to test a battery to see if it's a dud before you receive it because the battery are new and haven't yet started to loose their "juice". Your best bet would be to go into the apple store and explain your problem. At best: they will give you a new phone. At Worst: they will say "tough luck, there's nothing saying our batteries have to last a certain amount of time" and you have to buy another one. I think since apple is such a reputable company you will be surprised at what they say. Might as well give it a try.

I hope I was able to help you in your search for battery life,


Re: iPhone 4S battery issue
Customer Support

Thanks for your post and we want to get to the bottom of this issue Napolitan5. Has this issue come up again after your post? Do you have another charger to test to make sure this isn't an issue with the charger? Make sure all background apps are closed and soft reset the phone again. Let me know if this continues.

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