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iPhone 4S battery life

Recently, as of yesterday 2/10, the battery life on my phone has been draining at a much faster rate than it ever has before. I notice this happens especially when I am using any data, or surfing the internet. I do not think it has anything to do with wifi or anything. Does going over my data usage have anything to do with battery life?

For example, I will be listening to music with headphone on, and the battery will drain by a % point, every 2 or 3 minutes, or so. Anyone have an explanation?

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Re: iPhone 4S battery life
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Battery issues can definitely get us down in the dumps, so please allow me to provide a charge and help out. After all, the iPhone 4S to way too cool of a phone to have a low battery with mid-day.

Now, using data (especially steaming music) may have more of an impact on your device's battery life than just talking or texting. But, we sure don't want to see a significant change. In fact, I've got some tips and tricks here to help preserve your battery's life. Try this . And please keep me updated on how it helps!

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Re: iPhone 4S battery life

I have started having battery problems right after the download of the update to 6.1. I was able to go for about 3 days with the type of use I do and now i only get a few hours before it is be low the need charge amout. I feel that Apple has done something with this update and needs to fix it or go back to the previous version so we can keep our phone operating with out having them plugged in.