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iPhone 4S freezing and strange pop up for alarm

I have been having problems with my iPhone for the past few months. At first I thought maybe the most recent update would solve the problems. It solved a few of them but then made a few others worse. Here are a few of the most frustrating problems...

-Whenever people send me group text messages my phone will freeze up until all the group messages are sent or received. Also, even when it is just a message between me and another person, if the other person "rapidly" sends texts (5 texts in less than a minute) my whole phone will also freeze.

-If someone calls me in the middle of a text and I try to answer my phone will either freeze or go black for about a second. It will eventually let me answer but it will take a few rings.

-Speaker phone goes in and out and occasionally will not even work.

I am wondering if there is possibly something I may have done to the phone that I am unaware of as to why it is having all these problems or if there is a way to permanently fix all these problems.

I have done a factory reset to my phone, deleted all my text messages, and erased my call log. None of these have been able to fix the problems.

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Re: iPhone 4S freezing and strange pop up for alarm
Customer Support

I can only imaging how frustrating it is when you're having so many issues with your phone freezing cartay87. Let's get this taken care of!

I know you mentioned resetting, deleting texts, erasing calls, and it still hasn't helped. How long have you had this 4S? When exactly did these problems start? Although you did the reset, please try clearing memory, which will not delete anything you have on your phone, its just like clearing memory on a PC.

Once you've completed this, please try re-programming phone by dialing *228 [send], option 1. When finished, please restart phone.

Let's see if this helps. Please keep us posted.

Thank you,

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