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iPhone 4s Extended Network


Currenly I have the iPhone 4s and I have no complaints but only one when I am at work. I am in the LowerLevel and the only service I can get is extended network. If I turn off roaming then I get no service. Other people are able to get service like US Cellular and AT&T but I can't. I am thinking of getting the iPhone 5s but I am wondering will getting a newer phone help with the service I am recieving?

This would be a reason why we would think about switching carriers but I don't want I like Verizon and only have this one issue with them. Any suggestions or things to try would be appreciated!


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Re: iPhone 4s Extended Network
Customer Support

Hi Denzin,

I am sorry you're having issues with service when being at work. I ask you to stay with us because we have great service. However, some structures can interfere with the signal or depending where your located being within our coverage area. What's your zip code? Try to reset your network settings Give this a try. Perhaps an iPhone 5s with 4g LTE can overcome some interference issues being a newer device depending on your physical location.


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