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iPhone International Data

Just got a bill for $850 for 6 days of EXCESS data roaming while in Europe.  Had signed up for the 50MB plan.  Only sent or received 10-15 e-mails a day.  No pictures, no internet, just plain old e-mail.  WHAT do I have to turn off.  DISGUSTED with V.

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Re: iPhone International Data
Verizon Employee

Hi dlz,

I can't stress enough how much I regret what happened! To return to such a large bill has to be very disconcerting indeed. I'm pleased to see that you had 50MB plan. I only wish it had been enough to cover the amount of data that was transmitted by the phone during your trip. I don't know if this has already expressed to you, but your device is designed to continually search for updates so that your applications have the latest configurations and that your messaging features always have the latest communications. That means that the device is will be frequently exchanging data (even more so when the device is in a marginal service area). So even though you may have only sent/received 10 to 15 emails a day, your iPhone was keeping contact with your email service provider to make sure that it was delivering for you.

In order to control when the iPhone 4S connects a data network, you can go to Settings> General> Network> Turn Data Roaming off. When you're ready to check email, turn Data Roaming back on. While reviewing "Network" on your phone, you can also utilize "Cellular Data" feature. When activated, it restricts any data access unless connected to WiFi.


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