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iPhone service suspension?

We were on a contract with someone else and paying the bill. We eventually stopped paying their proportion of the bill and they suspended our service. There is still a contract (as far as we know) with Verizon for the iPhones, but we are unable to get service provided to us separately with these phones due to them being under this person contract, with suspended lines.

Is there a way around this, a way we can get service to our phones ourselves? This person will not release the lines to us, not let us set up liability to assume the lines ourselves.

Also, if we were to unlock the iPhones to use another provider, the MEID won't change, right? So, therefore, unlocking them would not do us any good to have service restored to them?

I am perplexed on what to do, there has to be a way around this issue.

Disgruntled exes suck, and I need service!

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Re: iPhone service suspension?
Sr. Member

You can make a payment arrangement with financial services to turn back your ohone on where they are if you are an authorized user meaning the person listed you that you can talk to customer service about your phone as well as upgrade by yourself etc.

If not applicable you can buy a new phone on your own by yourself leaveing the fees etc behind you leaveing it for the ex because its there account.

Re: iPhone service suspension?
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

First of all, you can't unlock the iPhones to be used on another US carrier. They are locked to the carrier you are currently on.

As gina7239 stated, if the phones are contracted to your ex, you CAN start your own account, but you will not be able to use your current phones UNTIL your ex's account is brought up to date. Additionally, you would not be able to keep your current number unless your ex releases it to be either ported out or have you perform an AOL on the line. In either case the account would have to be brought up to date.

It seems to me your best bet would be to cut all ties and start from scratch with a new number.

Good luck.