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iPhone4 won't hold a charge

About a week ago I noticed that my phone has not been holding a charge well.  I can charge it overnight and close close completely out of apps and it will drain within hours.  For instance, charged it last night, barely used it today (it's now just after 1pm PST) and I am at 57%.  Sunday I went in and turned off all notifications that I don't need and turned off the Location Services.  Neither have seemed to help.  In speaking with friends, they claimed they noticed battery life draining faster after they upgraded to iOS6.  I have not run the upgrade yet (was waiting for some of the kinks to be worked out), so I can't pin this on the new operating system.  Any thoughts?  Anyone else experience this.  I don't think the phone is even 2 years old yet.  I know the batteries don't last forever, but I am probably a moderate user and I would have expected it to last longer than this. 

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Re: iPhone4 won't hold a charge
Customer Support

Hello kb74,
I understand the need for durable battery life!  How many hours does the battery last from a full charge with normal use?  Do you notice a difference if you charge via the wall charger or usb?  I do suggest upgrading to iOS 6.0 as some enhancements have been made in this regard.  Please share your results after the update is complete.  Thank you!

Tominque B.
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Re: iPhone4 won't hold a charge

I find my battery life begins to get noticeably shorter if I recharge without letting it drain completely before recharging.

On at least a weekly basis, I let phone play music, or videos late in the evening until the phone shuts down.

This seems to make the battery stronger/last longer. My phone is around two years old also, and I am a moderate user.

It's at least worth a try.