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iPhones sudden poor reception in Homes Since End of June 2014

1-1/2 Years ago I convinced my folks to switch to Verizon due to the inability to communicate on AT&T in our area code of 89451.  The latest garbled transmission problem first started on an iPhone 4S, on iOS 7.0.6.  I updated the 4S using iTunes (DFU Mode to perform a Factory Install) to iOS 7.1.2 and I cannot hear them on the 4S unless they go outside.  They own an iPhone 4 as well (which is what I have), and today while I was down in Reno I received a call from my folks iPhone 4 and its transmissions was garbled the same issue as the 4s (they could hear me fine).  Their iPhone 4 is on iOS 7.1.1.

Steps Taken in my attempt to resolve iPhone 4s

  1. Updated to iOS 7.1.2 (DFU) then Restore.
  2. Went to a Verizon Store and they told me to RESET Network Settings.  I mentioned to the young lady this will RESET all the WiFi Passwords which she Disputed (however my fear was correct, I had to reconnect iPhone to WiFi by reentering password).  This did not Solve the Issue
  3. I pulled the SIM Card and Reseated. Again No Change
  4. Tried the *228 (Option 2) No Change
  5. Turned on Airplane Mode then Turned off "No Change"

Steps Taken to attempt solving my iPhone 4 Reception (1x)

1) When I updated iPhone 4 from iOS 7.0.6 to iOS 7.1.1, it seem to work for two days, and all I could receive was 1x

2) Could not receive calls, or originate a quality call without dropping due to 1x connection

3) Performed DFU & Restore from iTunes Backup to iOS 7.1.2 which seemed to allow me to originate calls from my home (same neighborhood my Folks Live in). This seemed to help solve my ability to originate quality calls (unlike the iPhone 4s above), but I miss many calls when it switches from 3G to 1x, and received calls go to voicemail

A Third iPhone 4 (My Folks)

1) I have not updated to iOS 7.1.2 yet, it's still on iOS 7.1.1.  Received a call from this phone while I was in Reno and I could not hear any words, except a few syllables.  They went outside and I was able to hear.

The coverage map for our area has always been poor, but my iPhone 4 has worked reliably in this location for 3 years.  My wife is still on iOS 6.1.x but she rarely uses her phone, but she can communicate to a called party just fine.  I'm unsure if she has the 1x rollback issue because she does not use voicemail.

One of my clients lives within the Golpher's Pass tower area and I could not hear his iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s (which he lost last week and purchased 5s) .  Same issue, I could only hear syllables.  He cut his losses and paid the contract termination fee and switched to AT&T.

Something has happened in our community! We have only two towers, and Southwest Incline gets it's signal from the tower on the Lake Tahoe North Shore at the Calif/Nevada border.  We have had lots of tourist which might be contributing to the loss of 3g, but lost calls is lost money for me.  We did not have this issue last Summer, and had tons of tourist.  Maybe there is a Tower Issue, or XLTE compatibility is causing issues with iPhone 4, 4s 5 & 5s (and maybe it's related to iOS7).  For the amount of money we pay, this is unacceptable.  I have a case number for my client but Verizon never shared the field test with him.

I have switched several people to Verizon because AT&T's cob

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