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I just got my iphone 4s a week ago.  I didn't realize it had the imessage feature until yesterday.   I've been trying to get it to work and it will not.  So I called Verizon this morning.  The first guy I talked to got it sort of straightened out, I could imessage myself but after I hung up with him, I couldn't get it to work with anoyone else (people I know that have the ability to do so). 


So I called back to Verizon and got another person who really didn't seem to know what she was talking about.  She was telling me that imessage only works if both parties are on wi fi, that is the only time the message bubbles will be blue.  If I'm on wi fi and the other person is operating on their 3G,  my bubbles will not be blue but the message will not count aganist my message plan but my data plan instead. 


Is this correct?  I swear when my friend showed me it on her phone this weekend she wasn't on wi fi (she does have At&T) and her message bubbles were blue. 

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Re: imessage?

You do NOT have to be on wifi for iMessage to work. Both you and the person you are sending the message to have to have iMessage turned on. If the other person does  not have it turned on then any text you send to them will count towards your text messaging plan (if you don't have a text plan then you will be charged per sent and received text. Your data plan is seperate from a texting plan). If for some reason iMessage is unavailable then your messages will be sent as sms messages unless you turn off the "send as sms" which case the messages would fail until iMessage was available.