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iphone 4 can't recieve calls, make calls and the same with texts?

my girlfriend and i are the only ones on our plan (don't know if that matters), and for a  couple months now, me and her can't call each other or text each other, and only very rarely does she get a couple of my texts.

i can't tell if this started after an IOS update, or what happened, at first we thought it was my phone, so i got a totally different phone (android) and nothing still works, so im assuming its her device, any ideas?

a couple things we've tried:

factory reset,

verizon tower update thing, i forget what the number is, it updates your roaming abilities.

every sort of reset we can think of, along with trying to send texts instead of imessages and vice versa. absolutely everything.

thanks for your help!

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Re: iphone 4 can't recieve calls, make calls and the same with texts?
Customer Support

I'm sorry to hear that you and your girlfriend can't call or text each other Narco. We will help get this resolved. I see you have an Iphone 4. What phone does she have? Are you using imessage? If so, have you tried turning it off and sending a text via the regular text application on the phone? What error message do you get or hear when you text or call her?

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