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iphone 4 cdma: bad experience with verizon customer service/store

I have been paying around $140 for my shared plan with Verizon. One phone in this line is an iphone4. I am travelling outside the country for the next couple of months and I wanted a solution from Verizon.

1. Online chat: I asked this question to the chat reps and they told me to go to a store.

2. Store: At the store I met a folks who did not understand the technical details of a cdma phone. He asked me if I could unlock it and use it. I explained why it is their responsibility to ensure that such a phone is unlocked. He then deferred to the store manager, who kind of seemed nonchalant about the whole situation said that he cannot do anything to help. When I asked what am I supposed to do with this phone after my contract he said that I could do what ever I want with it, he added that I could trade it in for 40 bucks ( while my friends make a couple ah 100 bucks on ebay after selling an unlocked iphone4). He told me to talk to verizon customer support.

3. Customer support: I dialed in. I asked him a questions about why the company does not offer iphone 4's as a gsm while other service providers do and what value am I getting from paying for a device that I would never use post the contract. He said that verizon was late to provide unlocked phones and they started with the 4s.  I spoke to global support about the rental program that they offer for just 20 days. When I asked if they would make this an exception, they said they cant and the system (made by verizon) will track inventory and will not allow rentals over 20days. The final option was buying another phone for retail price.

Overall I wanted to express that I am completely disappointed in the way Verizon treats their customer. They talk about policies and how they cannot bend it to meet a customers requirement. I would have been the happiest person if they gave me a replacement phone and  not ask me to buy a new unlocked phone. Why am I paying for a service that does not help me during such situations?

Thank you

A sad customer...

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Re: iphone 4 cdma: bad experience with verizon customer service/store
Sr. Member

I'm not sure that I understand what your complaint is.  Verizon Wireless does not offer GSM iPhones 4 because Verizon Wireless does not operate a GSM network.