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iphone 4s wi-fi showing no connection for 6 months now

my iphone 4s will not connect to any wi-fi, it cant even find any wi-fi no matter where i go, everyone else in my house can connect to the wi-fi so its not the internet box. i have tried resetting the network, ive tried holding the home button and power off button, and i even went as far as buying the screwdriver set to look at the wi-fi antenna, which was in place.and after all that, my phone is still not showing any wi-fi connections. is there any thing else i can do. i cant upgrade until december

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Re: iphone 4s wi-fi showing no connection for 6 months now
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Its a shame you opened the device. It voided your warranty.

However if you at the time brought it to an Apple store they could have looked at it and then replaced under warranty.

Did you try placing the device into airplane mode? If not the device may find the WiFi network when you turn airplane mode on then off.

You do have cellular data on? Or Off? Try it both ways before you activate the WiFi toggle on the device.

Make sure in settings the network is set for CDMA/LTE and not global.

Turn off Global data and roaming.

other tips and tricks can be found at

you can also buy a used device from a place like Swappa

just make sure its for use on Verizon and no other carrier.

Good Luck

Re: iphone 4s wi-fi showing no connection for 6 months now
Customer Support

We are so eager to get you connected to WiFi, ChevyGirl665. Have you ever been able to connect. Is the WiFi greyed out or is it just not connecting?
Have you tried the steps given by Elector? If so, what happened?

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