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iphone to boostmobile

i got an iphone 4 from a friend and i was wondering if i could hook it up here.but i wanted to know how much it would cost? also can i switch it too boostmobile

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Re: iphone to boostmobile

No you CAN"T switch it to Boost Mobile.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: iphone to boostmobile
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Boost mobile is owned by sprint. Do you have a Verizon iPhone? If its a Verizon iPhone and you put it on a new line if service there would be no contract. That's a good thing because For example if god forbid got injured and you can't work or you lost your job or you cant afford it or if you don't use it as much as you thought you can suspend it and use it with wifi without haveing a penalty. Acttualy any reason you can suspend it.

The cheapest plan is 39.99 i think for voice then $30 for data. You can add a mobile hotspot if you don't have wifi at home on your computer because the iPhone does need wifi for things. i would add insurance although you add money to your bill but you dont have to full retail if you lose it or have a warrenty problem your covered. Or If you dont want to have insurance you by haveing a no contract you automatically have a upgrade to get any new device anytime you want. If you do that you will add a 2yr contract. Also after 6 months you can bill up to $400 a Month for accessories / devices but you have to pay it on tge bill the next month. Its a privlege though. You could even buy another iphone later on only on verizon. If you are 65 and older you can get 65 over plan or if you don't use lots of min you can save money by doing loyalty plan.

First to activate call 18009220204 and ask for telesales say you have your own equipment but you want to add a line. Check under plans to see current prices

Re: iphone to boostmobile

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