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Hi am not sure if anything is having this tyep of problem am sending imessage fine but when i receive a txt from my friend on iphone also it shows up green when i receive imsg is it suppose to green or blue help would be appreciated.

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Re: messaging
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Imessege is suppose to be blue. I have the problem when I send is blue but somewhere it switches over to text and I have the block on it so it wont send but it does.

Apple knows there is an issue mostly for Verizon people out of all iPhone users they said. Thre is no resolution to it yet but in our case they talked to Verizon to say if I continue to get charged to replace it. And that Verizon should credit it me for the text charge since the only thing I do is imessege.

Somehow I think Verizon is likeing that I just got charged 14x.20 but also does anyone know that if say you want to text two people at once that's considered a picture messege because I did that for 2 other iPhones on my account and I got zapped a picture x2 =.50 and they got usaged reg messege for it. We have the block setting to avoid all this. I understand paying for something I desirve to be charged for but that setting I put in to protect me from being charged. Is that what the setting is for. I heard by Verizon even if you imessege on wifi there a chance I could have the same thing occur be charge for it as a text by mistake.