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microphone and vibrations issues

issue 1: I have had my iPhone 4 since the middle of January of this year.  Earlier today I made a call and everything was fine.  Later tonight I tried to make a call and the other person could not hear me.  After a few calls like this, I tried other things.  People can hear me when I use speaker phone and that is it.  I cannot leave voice memos and I can hear music through my speakers and headphones. 

Issue 2: (which could be connected to #1) when I switch the vibrate switch on the side there is a loud vibrating sound.  I have no case on the phone and you can clearly hear the vibration.  My girlfriend's phone, with a case, makes no sound what so ever. 

Any thoughts on either of those problems?  I plan on going to Verizon tomorrow; I am still under the 1 year warranty, right?   Thanks for your help.

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Re: microphone and vibrations issues
Sr. Member

There is a problem with the ear phone jack take it to vzw or apple it is under warranty

Re: microphone and vibrations issues
Customer Support

Hi there Mikey5353!  Wow, iPhones are awesome and I want yours to work.  I hope the visit to our local store was a great experience.

As long as there is no physical damage to your phone and it was upgraded on your account, you should still be able to replace your phone.

I wish you the best!