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not receiving some texts

Recently I have noticed that I have been sporadically not receiving messages. I will be in the middle of a conversation and then the messages stop coming through. I know that the messages definitely have been sent, as it appears on my friend's device as sent. This has been happening more frequently lately. It is quite frustrating when I am trying to communicate with someone who is across the country. I have already tried resetting it and such.

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Re: not receiving some texts
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Good Afternoon alex1234,

I would also be frustrated if my messages were not coming through consistently. I would like to ask you some probing questions to gain additional information for a resolution.

  • What type of device do you have?
  • Is it happening with both text and picture messages?
  • Is the problem happening in one specific location?
  • Do you find it is happening with specific numbers or is it with all of the numbers you message with?
  • When you say you reset your device, did you complete a hard reset to wipe the device to factory standards?

As far as some basic recommendations go, you can try deleting the messaging threads and then start a new thread to see if it still happens. I would also try sending some test messages to yourself to see if they come through.

I hope this information was helpful. Once we gain additional information, we will provide solutions to resolve your concerns.




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Re: not receiving some texts

Jonathon -

Thank you so much for your help. I have the iphone4 and I have only noticed it with text (then again I could have gotten picture messages I don't know about). I am currently at school in Virginia, originally from California, so I have only noticed it here, but could have been happening before. I know for sure it has happened with a few specific numbers, but then again if I didn't receive it i might not know :). And yes I restored to factory settings.

Alex Ham

Re: not receiving some texts
Verizon Employee

Hello alexh1234,

Thanks for that information. Did you try dialing *228 (Send) and choose option 2 to update? Also, after the update have one of the numbers you are having trouble receiving messages from send you a text.

Let me know if this helps.



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Re: not receiving some texts

Are both your friend and you using iPhone?  If so, go to Settings - Messages - and be sure that "Send As SMS" is turned "ON".  This will ensure that whenever you don't have the required connectivity for iMessaging (Wi-Fi), the message will be sent as a plain (SMS) text instead.  Also - you should be sure that the "iMessage" switch is turned "ON" - which is more of a convenience, but would prevent the iMessage capability between various iOS devices.