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phone don't lock

I face dial when I put the phone to my face. How can I stop this from happening? I press the on/off button and it disconnect the call.

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Re: phone don't lock

If you have an iphone four, there will be a sensor (probably can't see it) for light next to where you hold the phone to your ear and when you press the phone up to your ear, it senses the lack of light and "locks" as you say but technically goes into a temporary sleep mode until you remove the phone from your ear.

Also many people don't realize this but the microphone that records your voice is quite powerful and can sense your voice from quite a distance away so you may also have better luck hold the phone slightly off of your face. (you can still put the speaker end to your ear, just hold the bottom of the phone slightly out.

I hope I have been able to help to with your problems,