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plans for the new i phone

my i  pod was recently broken and i am due for an upgrade for my phone.  is it possible to purchase the new i phone to replace both my i pod and get a new phone.  i don't need email and internet access, so what are my choices for plans?  looking for advice

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Re: plans for the new i phone

Your statement is a little conflicting. Your ipod is up for upgrade? I was assuming you meant your IPhone but then you state that you want to replace your phone and your ipod meaning you know the difference between IPod (ITouch) and IPhone.

Im going to assume you broke your IPhone.

You can just upgrade you will be required to be on a data package. If you have unlimited data you will lose it and go to tiered data.

If I assume you literally broke your Ipod and your phone is up for upgrade Then yes an IPhone can replace a phone and an ITouch (Ipod). The phone requires a data package.

Tiered data $30 for 2 GB or Share Everything plan.

Re: plans for the new i phone
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Isent she saying she had a reg phone and separately an iPod. Her iPod is broken so she's looking for an iPhone to replace her reg phone and iPod?

If never had a smartphone you have to go to the everything plan I think. Even if you only have 1 line. Tiered plans are not available any more. But maybe since its not a new customer there might be away not to have to but new smartphones or non smartphone customers have to do everything plan.

Theres a $30 fee to upgrade.

Re: plans for the new i phone

New customers yes. They are technically required to go to the share everything.

Honestly, any rep can change you to the tiered data plan.

You just have to request to be on the old Nationwide plan either 450, 900, and or Unlimited talk only or and text.

You can just a store rep or customer service and they can change it..

The nationwide plans are not as old as the Alltel ones so they are easy to get and are not at that grandfather state yet.