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"Worry free guarantee" issue

An addition problem with Worry Free Guarantee is START DATE

I received 2 smartphones that (after much Tech Support) they decided were DAO.

They sent 2 new phones - same problem - not phones rather NETWORK.

I asked at least a half dozen Customer Service people and Tech Support people

? when does my 14 days start ? order date or receipt date

? date resets when you sent me replacement phones ? right

etc, etc

They all LIE or they are all STUPID but in either case they are all WRONG.

No matter all the problems - phones still don't work - the date is still ORDER DATE and can NOT be changed !!

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Re: "Worry free guarantee" issue
Sr. Member

If you know they are wrong that would in turn mean you would know the right answer. At which point I do not understand why your wasting your time talking to the reps if you knew the right answer.......

Re: "Worry free guarantee" issue

The first half dozen times I got the wrong answers from Customer Service and Tech Support - I did NOT know they were wrong - I believed them.

It was only 10 days later that a Network Support guy told me the magic date is Date of Order.

Unfortunately, he was right and the previous 6 Verizon experts were wrong.

The one and only date that matters for the "Worry Free Guarantee" is purchase date - do NOT believe them when they tell you different.