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verizon will get you one way or another

Just upgraded to iphone 4 2 mos early because i was going to get a $50 credit. I was told by customer service i had to place my order online to get this credit. So i ordered. did not see the credit called customer service and was told i would receive the credit by way of a rebate and i should have the form when i receive the phone. This did not happen either. now i am being told that the only way to get the credit was to buy the phone in store. wow! really, so i guess with all of the c.s. reps they all get different information or are all just playing games for vzw to keep from paying their credits. I told the rep i would just return the phone.....guess what.....$35 restocking fee to return even if done in the 15 day period. if i was not locked in due to other lines they would be gone.

all in all I got $25 credit and that's it. Boy, what a joke. Verizon basically stole $25 from me because their customer service reps are idiots. better ask the same question to 3-4 reps to get all the answers and make sure you get your credits and rebates.

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Re: verizon will get you one way or another

Not sure what type of credit you were being offered so it's hard to really say what happened in your case. If you were still eligible for a New Every 2 credit (assuming you had not used your last one since VZW discontinued it) then you would have been able to get the credit if you ordered online or in a store...and it would have shown automatically at checkout...IF you were ordering from If you were upgrading with some sort of special offer (such as one offered via email, mail, or text message) then it would depend on what the terms and conditions stated in that offer. If the small print said the purchase had to be in store only then you were not "got" by VZW...although if the reps you spoke with over the phone were not familiar with the specific offer you received you were probably given bad info. If you still have the actual offer (again, not sure how you obtained the offer) then you should be able to look at it to see the terms of it....if it was via email or even on a website then there might be a link within the small print that would give the terms. If you are convinced that there were no terms that specified anything and the reps all gave you false info you can file a complaint. It really just depends on what the offer was/says in the first place.