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where can i get applecare?

i was told by my verizon store when i got my phone back in october that i could buy applecare for my iphone after the fact.  now that i'm ready to do so, i find out that it has to be purchased from apple within 30 days of getting the iphone.  I've been told that it's possible to by it secondhand on the net. any recommendations where?

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Re: where can i get applecare?

Perhaps the Apple Store, but I'm not crossing my fingers.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: where can i get applecare?

Try contacting Apple (or visiting an Apple store if possible) to see if you can still purchase regular AppleCare. AppleCare + had to be purchased within 30 days of purchasing your iPhone but if it's still available you should be able to get the regular one.

Re: where can i get applecare?


    I do no know about AppleCare, it may be to late, however Assurion has open enrollment until the end of March. It's no AppleCare, but it is decent insurance and beats the snot out of paying full price if you break your device. I'd ask for the Total Equipment Coverage if you can't find Applecare anywhere. The Assurion program is normally limited to 30 days after purchase as well, but as long as you bought your device within 2 years they will allow you to add it during the open enrollment period. I think they do it once a year.

Good Luck!

Re: where can i get applecare?
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AppleCare theres 2 different kinds

AppleCare plus u have 30days that includes tech call extended warranty for am additional 1yr and damage with a deductible $50. You have 2 complaints for the 2yrs. Only available on iPhone 4 8gig and iphone4s. Sometimes they let u replace it without it like a cirtified device. I have not but someone on another post said that.

Apple care u have up to a year to put it on it includes everything but damage protection.

Vzw $9.99 include warranty for the phone and lost phone damage everything. Yes it has a really high deductible for everything like $160 depending on what gig u have but the warranty. I have a phone that I had for more then 2yrs and the extended warranty still is working for it. Another smartphone. This u have 30 days to do but 1 time a year rhy have open enrollment to it like right now. If u just need the warranty u can pay $1.99 a month or just damage $8.19