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wifi is grayed out

a week ago, my wifi got grayed out so i cant connect to wifi. I tried resetting and restoring my phone but its still grayed out. i used all my data now and i cant use the internet. how can i fix this????

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Re: wifi is grayed out

WE are having the same problem.  Is there any thing that anyone might suggest to resolve this?

Re: wifi is grayed out
Not applicable under support forums you may find your solution.

Good Luck

Re: wifi is grayed out
Re: wifi is grayed out
Customer Support

Hello to you Fixitright!

Ensuring your Wifi option is working correctly is definitely important! I want to make sure we try all possible options to resolve this. Please see the steps provided by Apple Support here: and attempt them. Let me know if you're still experiencing the concern afterwards.


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Re: wifi is grayed out

To Fix:

If you found this thread, you have probably heard about the "overheat with a hair dryer" solution.  It actually worked for me.  I tried it after trying all the "official" fixes (that failed).  I was willing to try it, rather than be forced into an upgrade I didn't want.  There are some plausible explanations for why it works (esp in the Apple Support Community), though none are "official".

I recommend the short video on YouTube by Mike Shelley.

Re: wifi is grayed out

I'm sure this works. The video by Mike Shelley is great! 

I read a few comments before trying it and one person said they tried a restart (hold top and home button until you see the apple logo) in airplane mode.  I tried this first and it worked beautifully! If it happens again, and that does not work, I will certainly try the hair dryer as it seems there has been a ton of success!  Love Google! We call it google-magic at our house.  Google helped me better than Verizon or Apple support! And I didn't have to spend the money.

So, just to be clear.  Here are the fixes that Verizon wanted me to do. (At least Verizon wanted to help, my phone is out of warranty by 2 months and Apple wouldn't help at all w/o getting paid)

1.  Go to settings, General, Reset (at/near the bottom), the Reset Network Settings. Check wifi to see if it will turn on.

2. Hold top button and Home button until Apple logo displays.  When it comes back on, check to see if wifi will turn on.

3. Reset.  Make sure to back up your iphone on iTunes first.  Then do reset, then restore to last backup.  Not sure of the steps to do this. I'm sure you can Google it! Smiley Happy

NONE of these worked for me, so I was advised to upgrade or get a new phone.

Then I did what I mentioned above.  Hope it works for you Smiley Happy