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12 minutes is too long to wait for your reply

forget replying.....Im frustrated beyond belief with this new 5c. Can't download anything, can't get into icloud, iTunes or even the internet.  NOT HAPPY going into the actual store....thanks for nothing.

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Re: 12 minutes is too long to wait for your reply
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

I'm assuming you're referring to this thread?

This is a peer-to-peer forum, not Customer Service.  Users don't respond to every post, and even the ones they do respond to can sometimes take a while.  If you can't wait 12 minutes, then yes, you might be better served by contacting Customer Service or visiting your local Corporate Verizon store.  Good luck.

Re: 12 minutes is too long to wait for your reply
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What are you talking about? Waiting ? This is a customer to customer forum.

And as it may have it, one of the I gotta have the new iPhone 5 , where is my iPhone 5?

And now that you have it, you don't know how to use it and of course that has to be Verizons fault! and post the problems you are having at their support forum.

You also have Apple Care to call since the phone is new. Call them its free for 30 days. I personally would buy the extended Apple Care plan its right on the Apple web site.

Good Luck