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5C users Watch your cellular data usage!!

This needs to be brought up just a friendly heads-up in the 5c forum, as there are already long-running threads on this topic in the iPhone 5 forum.

I have owned a 5c for a week now, and have it activated along side my wifes 4s under our 2G shared data plan.  So far in that time 5c has used 3~4x the amount of cellular data, despite my wife using her 4s FAR more frequently (for apps) than I do on my 5c.

I have managed to throttle my data usage with now a better understanding of the following:

-Apps will use cellular data, even while connected to a wifi network.  So merging onto a wifi DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY PRIORITIZE it over the Verizon cellular data network.

-Closing out the app when finished does not stop it from using cellular data.  Many apps will still siphon cellular data, even though they are closed.... WITHOUT THE USER KNOWING IT.  Pay close attention to, and turn off cellular usage for those apps that don't need it.  Note you may have to manually re-activate cellular usage for the app when you use it outside wifi coverage.  This is a royal pain in the you know what.

-Deactivate notification center... or deactivate those parts of it you don't really need.  Personally I don't need any of it so I have it completely turned off.

-Turn off the "Background app Refresh" function.

-Turn off "Location Services"

-In the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" section turn off the Push function under "Fetch new data".  I have mine set to manual.

-Turn off LTE function.  The LTE part of the network is not even available to me where I live.  I found my phone was RAMPANTLY gobbling up cell data 24/7 and all hours of the night.  That data siphon stopped immediately when I turned off LTE.  Yes you are in essence using a slower cell network, but for me that doesn't matter since I am under a wifi network 99% of the time.  If I ever do need a fast cellular network I will have to manually turn on LTE.

As a final note, this is a SIGNIFICANT difference between the 4s and 5/5c/5s... and should be taken as a warning to anyone wanting to upgrade from the 4s to any of the "5" models.  My wifes 4s (on the latest iOS) does not require any of the actions above. Even with REGULAR use of her DOZENS of apps, her monthly data usage on the 4s has never exceeded ~1G over the past 2 years.  She never even turns them off, they are always open and minimized on her screen-top.

So in summary, turning off LTE has made a significant difference in my data usage (shown in kb), as shown below.

11/16/20137:07 AM13.7
11/15/20136:19 PM6.8
11/15/20136:15 PM6.4
11/15/20135:48 PM6.1
11/15/20135:08 PM53.7
11/15/20134:18 PM6.0
11/15/201312:21 PM


11/15/2013~9:15 AMLTE TURNED OFF
11/15/20138:26 AM2.3
11/15/20138:19 AM4.5
11/15/20138:16 AM4.4
11/15/20138:12 AM2.9
11/15/20138:09 AM3.9
11/15/20138:07 AM11.8
11/15/20137:30 AM15.2
11/15/20137:29 AM0.0
11/15/20133:25 AM0.6
11/15/20131:02 AM8.6
11/15/201312:57 AM0.0
11/14/201310:42 PM1.3
11/14/201310:42 PM0.0
11/14/20139:59 PM0.7
11/14/20139:30 PM0.0
11/14/20139:02 PM0.5
11/14/20137:26 PM1.0
11/14/20133:25 PM37.3
11/14/20133:09 PM8.0
11/14/20133:04 PM6.4
11/14/20132:46 PM544.6
11/14/201312:15 PM7.8
11/14/201312:14 PM0.3
11/14/201312:01 PM0.0
11/14/201311:29 AM0.0
11/14/201311:07 AM0.5
11/14/201311:07 AM0.0
11/14/201310:43 AM0.0
11/14/201310:02 AM0.5
11/14/20139:46 AM0.0
11/14/20139:43 AM0.3
11/14/20139:16 AM0.0
11/14/20138:51 AM7.7
11/14/20138:28 AM0.0
11/14/20138:19 AM1.1
11/14/20138:08 AM7.0
11/14/20138:05 AM4.3
11/14/20138:04 AM0.0
11/14/20137:57 AM0.0
11/14/20137:50 AM0.5
11/14/20137:31 AM0.0
11/14/20137:26 AM0.8
11/14/20137:21 AM0.5
11/14/20137:13 AM0.0
11/14/20137:08 AM0.0
11/14/20136:27 AM7.7
11/14/20134:10 AM0.8
11/14/20133:52 AM0.5
11/14/20133:12 AM0.5
11/14/20132:07 AM10.0
11/14/20131:32 AM0.0
11/13/201311:20 PM20.5
11/13/201311:06 PM0.0
11/13/201310:31 PM0.0
11/13/201310:18 PM0.0
11/13/20139:55 PM0.0
11/13/20139:30 PM0.0
11/13/20139:22 PM0.0
11/13/20137:47 PM2.1
11/13/20137:46 PM0.0
11/13/20137:23 PM81.1
11/13/20136:46 PM0.6
11/13/20136:40 PM0.0
11/13/20136:16 PM0.0
11/13/20136:00 PM7.6
11/13/20134:53 PM0.0
11/13/20134:34 PM0.5
11/13/20134:15 PM0.0
11/13/20134:05 PM0.0
11/13/20133:42 PM0.6
11/13/20132:06 PM1.0
11/13/20131:31 PM7.4
11/13/20131:23 PM6.1
11/13/20131:16 PM2.6
11/13/201310:37 AM17.9
11/13/201310:35 AM9.9
11/13/201310:31 AM0.0
11/13/20139:54 AM9.9
11/13/20138:16 AM604.3
11/13/20137:23 AM33.4
11/13/20137:22 AM6.9
11/13/20137:15 AM8.7
11/13/20135:02 AM7.5
11/13/20133:26 AM1.1
11/13/20133:25 AM0.0
11/13/20133:19 AM0.5
11/13/20133:04 AM8.4
11/13/20133:01 AM1.5
11/13/20132:46 AM6.0
11/12/201310:20 PM4.2
11/12/201310:05 PM0.5
11/12/20139:59 PM0.0
11/12/20139:40 PM0.9
11/12/20139:21 PM7.9
11/12/20139:03 PM6.4
11/12/20138:37 PM3.4
11/12/20137:59 PM1.3
11/12/20136:35 PM9.7
11/12/20136:07 PM515.4
11/12/20136:04 PM75.8
11/12/20134:15 PM13,711.8
11/12/20134:05 PM1,682.8
11/12/20134:02 PM0.7
11/12/20133:58 PM110.6
11/12/20133:56 PM103.4
11/12/20133:38 PM13.6
11/12/20133:37 PM0.0
11/12/20132:41 PM114.6
11/12/20131:08 PM9.8
11/12/201312:42 PM0.3
11/12/201312:13 PM0.3
11/12/201311:22 AM22.1
11/12/201310:15 AM8.7
11/12/20139:38 AM0.5
11/12/20138:54 AM0.5
11/12/20138:17 AM7.6
11/12/20138:07 AM1.0
11/12/20138:04 AM1.5
11/12/20137:55 AM12.4
11/12/20137:54 AM0.1
11/12/20137:38 AM9.4
11/12/20137:23 AM20.6
11/12/20136:57 AM10.1
11/12/20135:45 AM0.6
11/12/20134:12 AM8.3
11/12/20132:51 AM0.0
11/12/20131:28 AM6.3
11/12/20131:16 AM2.4
11/12/20131:13 AM7.5
11/12/201312:44 AM6.7
11/12/201312:36 AM1.2
11/12/201312:29 AM0.0
11/12/201312:22 AM12.4
11/12/201312:03 AM11.3
11/11/201311:51 PM44.5
11/11/201311:44 PM0.0
11/11/20137:10 PM5,873.7
11/11/20136:54 PM178.7
11/11/20136:54 PM10.4
11/11/20134:43 PM10,535.4
11/11/20133:43 PM389.8
11/11/20133:40 PM0.3
11/11/201310:43 AM51,579.6
11/10/201310:35 PM0.5
11/10/20135:59 PM22.6
11/10/20135:56 PM1,147.0
11/10/20134:35 PM498.5
11/10/201310:35 AM2,575.8
11/10/20135:18 AM4.8
11/09/201311:18 PM26.3
11/09/20135:18 PM9,547.9
11/09/20133:48 PM638.0
11/09/20133:48 PM12.2
11/09/20133:46 PM6.4
11/09/20132:57 PM969.8
11/09/20132:45 PM156.3
11/09/20132:38 PM571.5
11/09/20132:29 PM10.2
11/09/20132:27 PM3.2
11/09/20131:16 PM8.3
11/09/20131:10 PM0.5
11/09/201311:18 AM7.6
11/09/20138:10 AM27.7
11/09/20138:09 AM0.3
11/08/20139:52 PM8.3
11/08/20139:49 PM7.6
11/08/20139:46 PM4.6
11/08/20135:33 PM25.6
11/08/20135:32 PM0.0
11/08/20135:29 PM0.0
11/08/20135:21 PM9.4
11/08/20135:15 PM1.2
11/08/20135:14 PM20.1
11/08/20134:26 PM8.2
11/08/20134:23 PM0.2
11/08/20134:10 PM0.0
11/08/20134:10 PM0.7
11/08/20134:05 PM21.3
11/08/20134:04 PM7.4
11/08/20133:52 PM7.8
11/08/20133:33 PM396.8
11/08/20132:33 PM5,844.3
11/08/20132:31 PM2,297.6
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Re: 5C users Watch your cellular data usage!!

YT Video of my findings HERE (you may have to copy-paste this link):

Re: 5C users Watch your cellular data usage!!

Can you turn on an alert to let you know how much usage is left?

Re: 5C users Watch your cellular data usage!!

I am not sure about that, and even then I don't know if I would 100% blindly trust that.  Verizon will send you txrt messages when you approach your data ceiling for each billing period.  I downloaded the Nutec data monitor app.  I use it as a "polygraph" of sort to manually monitor data at the source (phone).  It has alerts set up for 50, 80, 100% warnings.

Re: 5C users Watch your cellular data usage!!

Holiday BUMP... Anyone giving/getting a Verizon iphone 5c/5s for christmas will want to know this right away, before the end of their billing cycle.