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5s vs 6

5s vs 6 or 6s?

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Re: 5s vs 6
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what are we comparing exactly?

5s is a solid phone

6 is a slightly larger solid phone

6s is the same solid phone as the 6 with some gimmicky new features

Re: 5s vs 6

It's a little bit more than that lol. As far as what the OP is asking...we can't really answer that for you without knowing what your needs are. You can look on Apples website to see the difference in each model to see what better fits what you're interested in.

Just a few that come to mind immediately: Size is a difference between the 5s and the 6/6s. The 6s has better main and FaceTime cameras than the 6 and 5s. 3D Touch is available with the 6s. For some none of that means much while for others having the latest is always the route they would want to go. Either device is fine.

Re: 5s vs 6

I would agree that your personal needs will determine which differences are even worth mentioning. From a normal user standpoint though, I have owned a 5s and a 6 and the main difference was size and thickness. The 6 has a noticeably larger screen and is a bit thinner. It almost seems more fragile but keep in mind for storing (pockets, purses, ect) Other than that it is mostly the same old Apple OS. I will say I think the fingerprint system works better on the 6 than the 5s but again that is only slightly. Size is the main difference here!