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All sorts of glitches

I got my White 16GB iPhone 5 about two months ago ago and in the last few weeks I have started to have all sorts of problems with it.  The biggest problem is it either won't send picture messages or it takes a VERY long time to send them.  Even when I am sending them through iMessage to another iPhone 5 user and over Wifi. That is my biggest problem, but then I have a couple smaller ones.  For example, I can't get sound on a certain app.  My ringer is turned up and so are the sounds.  The sounds work on other "with friends apps" just one doesn't.  I have deleted and reinstalled the app and still the same thing.  Another problem is randomly the phone will go black and then the white apple pops up like you just turned the phone on.  It does this in the middle of using an app or online.  I know the phone doesn't actually shut off because after the white apple appears on the screen it takes less than 5 seconds to go back to what I was doing.  Finaly, randomly the phone will lose it's connection to Wifi.  The wifi will be on and I will be on it, and then I'll look back at my phone and it will be in 3g r 4G LTE mode.  I'll sometimes have to go back to settings and connect to the Wifi again and sometimes after a couple minutes it just connects again.  I know it's not a problem with the Wifi because my wife has the iPhone 5 as well and doesn't have the same problem at the same time as me.

Does anyone know if Verizon will replace my phone even though I am beyond 30 days?  I would hope so since I have been with Verizon for over 10 years and I shouldn't be having problems like the picture messaging with a phone that isn't even two months out of the box. 

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Re: All sorts of glitches
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

If you purchased the phone from Verizon, they will honor the 1yr manufacturers warranty. Call CS at *611 where they will walk you thru some troubleshooting steps. If you are still having the problems, they will ship you a new(refurbished) iPhone 5 and you will have to return yours. Keep in mind if there is any physical damage to the phone, you will most likely be charged as the manufacturers warranty does not cover physical damage.

Another option would be to bring it into an Apple store where they can take a look at it and possibly assist you with getting it to work or getting you a replacement.